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tv   Dont Kill Him In Damascus  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2018 4:00am-5:00am +03

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good large minds altering the landscape is the stuff of mine. a stunning portrayal of auditing life and one woman's determination to save the community. rushes the tundra tale at this time down to zero. iraq matheson in doha the top stories on al-jazeera ethiopia has freed an opposition leader as part of a mass release of prisoners who were jailed over anti-government protests in twenty fifteen made a good dinner was released with more than four hundred other people get in is
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always denied violating the law his release is part of a government drive for national reconciliation paul brennan has more. morality dina is a hero to his supporters and thousands of excited well wishes to guard of honor to restore his convoy to nine miles from the detention center on the outskirts of paris apple to his home in the nearby town of braille. the leader of the aroma federalist party had been arrested after returning from a visit to brussels a year ago is accused of collusion with how clued groups are charging always denied myself i have very violated while it is there no owes a former member of parliament and it was a consideration in this you know. i have been always you know as big things that. anyway it's good that them out. his freedom came as part of government efforts to stem a spreading wave of violence and unrest which flared up in twenty fifteen has claimed
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hundreds of lives and threatens the stability of one of africa's fastest growing economies and generally the third in a moving to diffusing the tension ethiopia's prime minister announced he would release many prominent dissident politicians always out without a party in their members who will decide is it makes their weeks what to do the right road to do all. three jelly out to do is a government the call for national data if it is real in the honest the we are for it but honesty international and other observers warn that a few high profile releases will not be enough the regime has to do more to this rescind this break. most. judicial reform this committee think that inform a complete overhaul of the electoral system without this. i don't think the people who will be. fired thousands of prisoners of conscience are still in jail accused
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prosecuted for protesting against the government in a statement the u.s. embassy said it was encouraged by the latest releases paul brennan al-jazeera at least twelve people have been killed in twin suicide attacks in nigeria the bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of middle glee at least forty eight people were injured and in could do an estate in northern nigeria gunmen have kidnapped two americans two canadians and two police officers the white have to house chief of staff is reportedly said president donald trump's campaign promises on immigration was an informed us media is reporting john kerry made the comments while discussing immigration the democratic politicians on capitol hill democrats want guarantees undocumented immigrants will be protected before they back a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown tanks have gathered on the turkish side of the border with syria and corralling it's the syrian kurdish y p g fighters to turkey's outlawed p
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k k party which has fought for the ptolemy for decades and strongly criticized the u.s. for arming and funding the y. p.g. which has played a significant role in the battle against eisold u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says he will take turkey as the concerns into account but in his speech about syria there was no talk of stopping support for kurdish groups the united states years and takes seriously the concerns of our nato ally turkey we recognize the humanitarian contributions a military sacrifices turkey has made towards defeating isis towards their support of millions of syrian refugees is stabilizing areas of syria it is no liberate. we must have turkey close cooperation cheating a new future for syria that ensure security for syria's neighbors israeli forces have reportedly killed a palestinian man during a raid in geneva in the occupied west bank israeli media relinking it to the search
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for the killer of a rabbi who was shot a week audi up the number of palestinians have been enjoyed and gunfire those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world i'll be back in half an hour c.n.n. love life. in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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the israeli government an intelligence agency mossad began monitoring the activities of a palestinian man who started what they saw as a radical new movement his name was dr king. he founded islamic jihad which was responsible for several attacks in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's making sure cauchy a wanted man. it's always the question what are the motives that israel is considering quim deciding to kill someone. now if you would say if you would if you would ask masao the political living there will also know no this is not about revenge this is only in nuking two words the future and not back to the past. everyone who has jewish blood on his hands is
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a limited legitimacy target for red sheet and the judgment target forces and nation now from being a legitimate target being killed is a huge gap which involved a professional capabilities operational considerations the divinity of intelligence and of course the political level decision in authorise nation but from their point of view everyone who was involved impugning jews should be assessed and i'm quoting this in revenge as. mossad is the israeli national intelligence agency the equivalent of the american cia and the british m.-i since. it was formally set up in one nine hundred forty nine and two years later reorganized to report directly to the office of the prime
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minister. israel perceives itself a surrounded by hostile neighbors and at the constant risk of internal and external attack. someone is known to have carried out the extra judicial killing of many figures seen as a threat hence many of its victims have been arabs and particularly palestinians like fati chicago. this is the story of islamic jihad. its founder doctor. and the controversial way he met his death in a street in multan in one thousand nine hundred five.
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is a very famous figure in history. and a very very famous figure in one of the most one internists in the history of his unit counterterrorism will. kharkiv was considered to be a religious post also in a parisian of authority in palestine palestinian territories in gaza and in the west bank and he started to norwich attacks against israeli settlers against israeli soldiers from that point on until the assassination of the palestinian islamic jihad became one of the most important
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real are less terrorist organizations that work against israel. sure car keys refugee family had fled to gars or in one nine hundred forty eight and after becoming a math teacher he moved to egypt to study medicine. already a member of the muslim brotherhood he continued to embrace their policy of reforming politics by creating a society governed by islamic laws and morals. but the muslim brotherhood did not believe the time was right for military action against israeli occupation. shikaki began fundamentally to disagree and so he left to form his own organization. he founded palestinian islamic jihad in one thousand nine hundred one jihad meaning struggle in arabic. it was the first islamic resistance group to be
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founded within gaza and the occupied west bank. its stated aim was to fight the existence of israel and establish an islamic palestinian state within the pre nine hundred forty eight boundaries of palestine. it rejected the political process and advocated violent means if necessary. to knock the you're out there opening your work on that one ark. your luck in the it's let me encounter what it mean i have to say what with the early obama bros merger bishop coffee. women magic be here men of current who are more numbers that in islam than work there were one howard the three the real islam philco warrior because of oil at the asia one not one. how the abaya here only of linea when. the
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man in that bed at the door that i love free of the world. yeah i need to. dump them at this let me for you welcome them i can you for good with that mission where he'll make a new belief in that don't limit islam me i'm over to the mature and you didn't know and then mike and i thought back on topic illusion neighborhood. how well you've been that missionary. in the infantry can mean with a. touch of the. bill for the scene of the actual for at least let me as your banana hover tool for survival this way or coming out after the way the minute. but that will not have to blather by the must mean i'm a celeb and all for those three in the alchemy of america's here. and on my list let me know when you're going to do the assessing the slam me one sub i like to hear full steam and men have
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a level of rihanna. for the theme of the mass bay that a man will have with a man and a bottle. palestinian islamic jihad began its armed operations against israeli targets in the. nine hundred eighty four. its activities led to chicago his frequent interrogation by the israeli army and in one nine hundred eighty six he was sentenced to four years imprisonment plus a further five years of suspended sentence. but shikaki continued to try and coordinate operations and recruit new cells from within prison. islamic jihad's name is well known but it's always been quite a small organization. good i'm going to say in the not a minute and a hello i'm in the body and i must sort out the way my hormone. another comment
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about him going she hears more make out the elim ship. musher him the ensign wants him last saw their level of big should be empty i am only mean if challis lag early months after philistine we are yellow then other young the heart that is not a sham it are full of philip mcauliffe with islam in goa. then two crucial events took place within months of each other that shaped the course of chicago's future and of palestinian opposition to israeli occupation. first in october one nine hundred eighty seven six members of islamic jihad tunneled out of the sariah prison in gaza under scaped. the israelis responded to this unusual security breach by tracking the six to the shoe joey area of gaza city
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. a fierce battle broke out and four of the islamic jihad men were killed. the other two killed of the israeli military police chief in gaza and. all those still in jail chicago he was in terror. today about these events which would go on to have far reaching consequences. obama but the how one feels must be a sort of her what had minimal relief in this so i mean. if you if we were there already what the market when herman smell at the head the thirty i'm the market today your market at the surface and that in our care at the end. or if i miss and in the fog. the first palestinian intifada meaning uprising broke out on the eighth of december
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nine hundred eighty seven in the gaza strip. islamic jihad supported and played a prominent role in the mass protest movement which lasted nearly four years across gaza and the occupied west bank. a further group also emerged from the muslim brotherhood at this time calling itself the islamic resistance movement hamas. meanwhile shikaki spoke of being inspired by one of the earliest palestinian resistance figures of the one nine hundred twenty s. . some. hundred years not. listed every year and usually you don't look at the jihadist larry. and who feel
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not by and. feel free to see it or feel for him. and. for mccormack for this the near future for the city and. the world for the sabrina . work and no muscular listen the analyser the intimate can at no was in a. philistine you will ever be you will i let me let the smash well at the cabal who shoot them with the vatican them. to target or not and. then but it is our supreme back to the many unhappy. feet on the muck a bill was sure but the whole film ashore by the d.n. can have. delicate and a bit helli can we let me jump cause they did but it a second to them for their look and about that.
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for us we have here a lot had a few deathless ahead for the seventy year. old one who are mobile as you had for a philistine about that and stupidly. just doesn't get that far. and. as the intifada spread and gathered momentum it represented an increasing threat and fall in the side of the israeli military and intelligence services.
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the imprisonment of a leading palestinian resistance figure didn't seem to have stemmed his influence. and this brought about a second key event for forty should come. in watch in retrospect looks like an old decision these railways decided to release him only two years into his four year jail sentence they deported him to south lebanon where it's reported he was in touch with the shia islamic group hezbollah and possibly with the iranian contacts . scott was going in and out of jail in of the in and out of the interglacials tools of the she met the israeli internal secret service for very long time until israel made the critical i would say even to the extent of strategically iraq and decided to expand. now the reason why israel did that was of course to get rid of the risk the outcome
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was a much empowered because in lebanon they were given the hospice the funding the financing the training and the overall support. of the union revolutionary. but shikaki stay in lebanon was relatively short on a nine hundred eighty nine he moved to syria. in damascus he would seek a close working relationship with the government of syrian president hafez assad. he was pushing at an open door. as quota or you're done bit and then i wonder whether i don't get the kind of a hollow. out of the. news michel about the get a story or is that a come look or just and i want to know from jump what about woodward for sort of
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you know it was over thirty if not i'll call it was he a cop on piano sort of. another look at us what are you i'm just here to dinner for the shocking. new coffin but i. thought of that to continue the fear would hasn't figured out why has it nigel hasn't gotten numbers. so much i could lift when i'm in the book of job if you're on the good job. or you know who would like to go watch the declaw offered a couple of them but of must be a sort of medium. was a young. field for but there. is another one at least. shikaki based himself and his organization here in the yarmouk palestinian refugee
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camp in damascus. islamic jihad was growing into what the israelis considered to be the most extreme palestinian group. one experienced european commentator later described it as perhaps the fi assist of all israel's modern day enemies. but he's just. sick of trying to stop the british musician who's next seen news. chicago he was certainly deeply opposed to the mainstream peace process as well as to the agreement brokered secretly by norwegian diplomats between israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin and p.l.o. leader yasser arafat the oslo accords. problem agreed on the other side of the truth about animal b.
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you know what the so you and. but that he'd done that also mumbled the baldly. are you going to suffer the city at the cafe with your advice and let you also look at my summary and on this we have to call the office to you for the second that has the job already above what i should not be the new young be it out of luck not at this with little side washing possible side of softness to me. for the show but as well says he's a lot of. good to must obey who has had to laugh the most beautiful sob sob for most of the year this is more for. the not just the sweetest yes yes well you know we were traveling back down now glad to know that five hours were down one one hour in iraq we do not know why but then i believe pope benedict that. i just heard from to feed me the money and you know he had then i begin why is me
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how did it help me that length i laughed and said why do you act. shikaki was opposed to the oslo accords because he didn't want any kind of compromise with israel. islamic jihad conducted several attacks during nine hundred ninety four in response to them mainly in tandem with hamas. in the meantime he began planning a major attack for the start of one nine hundred ninety five. he recruited a cell in the occupied west bank which sheen tended should carry out a double bombing in israel. it involved two members of the cell and muscle car and seller shaka disguising themselves as israeli soldiers and going to a strategically important crossroads between tel aviv and haifa. it was called beit
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leeds junction and on sundays it was full of israeli soldiers and reservists travelling back to duty after the weekend. the attack was planned for nine thirty on the morning of the twenty second of january nine hundred ninety five. a shi'ite that they showed up at the book you're the one other thought with ahmed with me the . whole thing both come of this emotionally. there were two suicide explosions three minutes apart. the first bomber in military uniform walked into the assembled soldiers and detonated his explosive belt but. then a second bomber blew himself up at the same spot as rescuers arrived at the scene of the first. an estimated twenty one israeli soldiers were killed in the two explosions along with the bombers. palestinian islamic jihad
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claimed full responsibility for the two attacks which were the first suicide bombings by forty chicago group. philistine well it's really. kind of family at bit lead here a lot of work but i'm really. bad. or slow but. there's a wise man. but i'm a leader in the. big decade kind of family and i'm really. more johnny had a fast car he backed. off than i ski and. yet i just i feel what the bought and the matter was own aila. too much. of the number. just thought there had yes fema sure yet and i'm in the i'm in it lead kind of
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feeling a there comes at the scene. chemical in the lamb yet and when murphy messy a little jet themis he had the perfect record of him as a little on for sonny and how the other family of the thought came am betty white i'm a leo for that command betty. prime minister yitzhak rabin wint to be pleased to view the situation he saw the bodies he saw the protesters. who were demonstrating against. he is our i would say control of the situation. demanding him to do something. that he came back to television the ministry of defense. riddled with anger. he called in the chief of the mossad. they should be. in ordered.
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khaki to be cute immediate. signed. peace. be. the assad regime sheet maci use the solution all the begins for which. the bait lead attack seem to harden israeli resolve to deal with should cocky an islamic jihad and. the challenge from assad would be how to do so washi kalki lived in syria under the apparent protection of its president hafez assad. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an
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activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs a much better marketer led bill gates for apple is going to grant vance to fall below made software what is yours today will change the world to high tech visionaries breakthroughs inspired the digital revolution jobs and gates face to face at this time on al-jazeera and monday put it well on. u.s.
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and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries have been truly unable to escape the war. i'm rob matheson in doha the top stories on al-jazeera if the opiate has freed an opposition leader as part of a mass release of prisoners jailed over anti-government protests in twenty fifteen minute ago dino was released with more than four hundred other people within a has always denied violating the law his release is part of
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a government drive for national reconciliation. at least twelve people have been killed in twin suicide attacks in the geria the bombers targeted a market on the outskirts of the city of my dog at least forty eight people were injured and could do an estate in northern nigeria a gunman killed two police officers the white house chief of staff has reportedly said president donald trump's campaign promises on immigration where an informed us media is reporting john kerry made the comments while discussing immigration with democratic politicians on capitol hill democrats want guarantees undocumented immigrants will be protected before they back a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown tanks have gathered on the turkish side of the border with syria and qatar links the syrian kurdish y p g fighters to turkey's outlawed p k k party which has fought for autonomy for decades it strongly criticized the u.s. for arming and funding the white p.g. which has played a significant role in the battle against eisel u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson says he'll take turkey's concerns into account but in a speech about syria there was no talk of stopping support for kurdish groups the united states years and take seriously the concerns of our nato ally turkey we recognize the humanitarian contributions a military sacrifices turkey has made towards defeating isis towards their support of millions of syrian refugees is stabilizing areas of syria it is no liberate. we muster turkish close cooperation in the cheating a new future for syria that ensure security for syria's neighbors israeli forces are totally killed a palestinian man during a raid in jeanine in the occupied west bank israeli many media are linking it to the search for the killer of a rabbi who was shot a week earlier north and south korea will march under a unified flag at the opening ceremony of next month's winter olympics also field
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a joint woman's ice hockey team for the games in pyongyang in south korea those are the headlines the news continues here and all desire after al-jazeera world life and. in january nine hundred ninety five the armed palestinian group islamic jihad carried out a suicide attack on a bus station between tel of even haifa killing twenty one israeli soldiers. there's no definitive account of events but prime minister yitzhak rabin reportedly ordered must sad to kill the group's leader not to fight he should immediately. according to israeli journalist ronen bergman the mission was given to key done the messiah department thought to be responsible for executing opponents bergmann says that they were both practical difficulties and political sensitivities with
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targeting shikaki in damascus because of his protection by syrian president tough is a sign. prime minister rabin would have been sent to confront the skokie. mossad was able to locate fattish gucky in the masters he was operating under the hospice of. president late president. assad however the last one and he was his his private home and his headquarters were situated in the mask from where he. commanded his operatives in the west bank and in the gaza strip mossad suggested to premise to rob him to take him out in the mosques and thereby exploding his car shooting him which was on the left priority because shootings there risky for the shooter for the sniper or poisoning him.
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however there were operational. risks because the musket is a very risky arena for most not to work it was clear that if someone in the standard someone tried to hit fattish gucky who is a respectable guest of syrian intelligence immediately syrian intelligence was shut down the borders the sea ports the airports in it would vary it would be very hard for the assassins to get out in an assessment being caught in the best course the outcome is only death the second one was political the chief of military intelligence brigadier general who recently. object and anything of that sort of operation happening in syria because of the political secret negotiations that were happening in their time between israel and syria so if if if
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the syrians would discover that we have human one of their guest this would be seen as the blood of the nation of syrians over anything and could jeopardize the continuation of the secret talks and the political talks the peace talks with syria . a murder mission in syria was therefore impossible. but mossad agents are nevertheless reported to have entered the country and located should count. they established that his personal security was poor and that virtually anyone could set up a meeting with him in damascus. finding him did not seem to be the problem at this in the commish there she is made about. i'm a dog i'm a gear course i'm of the inside information well being for matter only shares wimble of oil or she has room. so he sucks an economist. should we start with.
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bob. i have. even more out of the. world. of the. you are. within a few months just said to have penetrated shikar kids in a circle and to have brought in one of its agents from cyprus. he's thought to have covertly worked his way into shikaki office gained his trust and become one of his closest associates. salis job from assad in cyprus had been
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to monitor the activities of p.l.o. students then. he still to have become one of the key players in the plot to assassinate dr farty shikaki maybe you could say anyone in your there and you're there show you a better moche more. lots of honesty mission for the scene should there be a shift. in when given a buner seem. very male of a kid i mean sure lots of them you're telling me don't before. there's a muslim it's a muslim bushings big awfully seen and surface affection your inside information and especially because they seem to you seem to have shown him. leash of bats and made out as a baby with a much to look on with any of the look at me meant to me that in the senate tonight we're not nicholas munging known or c. poor polish ashleigh surely goal should be so for the inches of india
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and china where the dublin bow. israel military intelligence was able to intercept much of these communications. i would say that. he was not paying enough attention from his point of view nuff attention intention to feel security. with it how the. mayor didn't have the. more. fun ily. he had the had the fit and the whole of no one hundred. one. high enough for that. her. daughter to pop the.
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mossad appears to have monitored shikaki for several months. his movements to tehran damascus beirut and libya which have been reported back to television. some reports say that at one point nine hundred ninety five he don't got so close to him he was within the sniper range. but they didn't pull the trigger. other unforeseen factors came into play. they did not succeed they got very very very close to forty skulking fattish cauchy didn't even know how close i view of snipers and mossad the sessoms were to him. in one thousand nine hundred five. but it failed due to a professional circumstances that were not anticipated by the intelligence
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in september nine hundred ninety five libyan president more mud gadhafi angered by yasser arafat signing the oslo accords with israel. announced he was going to expel the estimated thirty thousand palestinians living in his country causing widespread protests and a humanitarian crisis. palestinians appealed to gadhafi for restraint and in october gadhafi issued an invitation for a palestinian delegation to visit tripoli. that delegation comprised. from a party calling itself into father leading p f l p figure. and forty sure kharkiv representing islamic jihad. of the year for the stinney and moshe dayan and who believe we.
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are there so how are fought for the city can. that there was a. god that you're out of there. and the more for the. buried . there fear be the call it for the thirteen million for the possible and uncle. and who do it here and. for the one there's a mild lost in. most of the wealth of the in the whole for us than in. the one in the house of mr. i don't who would feel feel had i will they say.
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there was an international embargo on flying in libyan airspace at the time so she called he had to fly from damascus to the closest location to libya. multan. he would then finish his journey by sea. this would have been the opportunity mossad was waiting for. it gave them the chance to get to chicago outside syria. ketone was a step ahead of him and got to mull to before he did. on the fourth of october nine hundred ninety five shikaki also arrived in malta from damascus and when she immediately to the port to sail to tripoli. but he don't buy that it's time. they would. for chicago his return trip. meanwhile shikaki arrived in libya made for a set to meet gadhafi. shaved off with
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a few mocha for the lucky lucky present it can create them can look at the future but one that has the euro with a whole lot of be. good if you're rated for this that the able to him would leave your foot on where the body would have a dude they've been over the condo or at lot of the need but that become a very productive that's what i. didn't but not the fellow who did hundred most of what we both used. to be. in and he'd go home looking which came up. shikaki stayed in libya for three weeks and then planned his return to damascus again via multiple. of ourselves going to show you two or three quid to look at you from there but the more often something. you got knocked the guy would all pretty good to
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us you know about the tortoise and was going to model his offer to us. and the underbrush going among the love it was a partner well we're job pretty mom one other note on three. from about two. more to. the model from the from a shop. that is that was the sign when if you must model in a multiple of two or. why the board. harm me or another me on the order of that one. or minimal when you know me is the judge your record at the course i would that's that the board about honor is a little less than the words i would ask her to come up with. in the food world for. my view of the.
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shikaki arrived in malta on the twenty sixth of october nine hundred ninety five. kid on was everywhere especially at the port. but she can't he traveled on a libyan passport under the alias abraham. he was hard but not impossible for a kid on to identify. he planned to fly to damascus the next day and so checked into the diplomat hotel under his alias i'll show we show a ten twenty in the morning. to the multiset she can't he was simply a traveling libyan businessman. that morning he stayed in his room for about an hour but at eleven went out to a travel agent to book his ticket to damascus for the next day. but when he
4:47 am
returned to the diplomat hotel he had company. they were waiting for some time that he's alone in the street and then your ma motorcycle was driving next to him slowly. two people wearing black helmets on the motorcycle the guy at the behind pulls out a gun shot up a few times he's left dead a few bullets were shot in order to make sure that he's that verify his is that in the immediate me that jd the assessments we're thinking aboard a ship or a rubber boat into an israeli submarine and saying pick two to three was an officer they never shot in. our neck. she thought that if they we're doing this day i bet most are not enough at the moment. they don't start fumed they know there's
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a middle pair so we're not. mean the out at him in order to make a duck at hains. in this our lobby at the. start or stay in a nominal investigates your own nic. you do in the home as a bomber we have to lean clear. on something. the cuticle lodge with us would you feel. it be stored on the spot i don't avoid young kids that can spout out the at close range if i'm in this mean distante he puffed not normal meant with one millimeter part of a little kid with your spot out there to get the paramount you could buy them the little. that i was. a millimeter short in was
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out which might nine millimeter but a bell on type. or. they become meant more. money so i. really at short range they are extremely efficient. there. aren't. beyond the ten miles outside it off they don't have air at all purse or no. lower lip going on monk a minister of israel multi there are all another. leader told you what islamic. kidney awfully can america there are more fame and other business
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men libya educating can we had a leak in your off askin for israel with. the shooting seem to go exactly as mossad had planned. as in syria. personal security and at mossad about shikaki travel plans and hotel stay. but even those who worked on the case at the time are reluctant to make a definitive judgment. in. israeli on e.o. or the. misfortune to be on. them she. only in jihad islamic. can probably make bottom of gadhafi. through the lincoln m.
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. said if it is a get it about anything but all money stashed in a screw the law we had. was often enough in an polity of that level that. philip finn fillmore to investigate siani. yes. show more shipping. yes the first think of. free. will be. done me actually. i'll call it to us not the shit i'm a boy it know a. very different email address the force of the books you.
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encounter. will it take you down it. only. assess if you have well what. the beer was as well as the money and the more we any more that a myth and since then it would have been bad if the definite the. fourth car we the multiple. camera work and then did that. and yet the. war better bomb the mall tomorrow for they know full well we were can be assured that the had. a listing in islamic jihad survived shikaki death has continued its campaign and has claimed responsibility for over thirty suicide bombings of both military and civilian targets. it continues to be
4:53 am
supported by palestinians angry at israeli security measures perceived intransigence over peace talks and illegal settlements in the occupied west bank indeed israel's very existence. in conclusion both use iraq beyond ronen bergman seen clear that your car keys death was a mossad assassination under such it should be added to the list of the agencies extra judicial killings. are you. sure the notion. of bell based game of a somewhat. in a finite. commitment day even the mayor they don't ship out of
4:54 am
it a laboratory so here they base their elevation inshallah it's like i've been kibera kenya the air share came sun not come. so here we go a bit mission ahead at that be a lot better that there was a ledge had a salami and a ship should develop into a super say a human or the order and you mean. that goofy mission mushy duck and their bets in fact they are scotty zhan a clear ship it looked for us to need a bit only twenty eight and a bit there only mother says she has she should or made it show another no longer she had fell asleep. bikie fact was a lot of my vacuum is one i will cause i committed. it's a very interesting story about the war between perpetrators people
4:55 am
who i think would be seen by palestinians as palestinian heroes. but unseen from the. from the israeli point of view and no less than pure evil people who took a firm stand in the palestinian struggle people who killed many israelis and the efforts that israel was ready to devote in order to stop these people and in some cases like in the case of phantom scrapie to kill them there's also the question. was that effective meaning the killing of fatah scrappy did it change anything.
4:56 am
hello it is snowed in louisiana not unprecedented but on the usual spot as far south as you can get this extreme cold you know temps have been really low and we've pushed as far as we can go now to see if anything things ought to ease up a little bit but to study seven degrees a max in dallas and zero in chicago but the sun should be at this is the day the wintry weather is coming down the pacific ocean b.c. to washington state i think california good because his full cost him as you can see which is wanted to be honest but rain of course at lower elevations elsewhere the sun still doing his work chicago's up to plus for new york's of to plus to now
4:57 am
a line of rightness been lying from the bahamas sure cuba and then to this past center america is peping out once more we've got the potential of them quite heavy right i think in honduras costa rica and panama the onshore breeze is just making it continue to be honest it might even reach possibilities if you're really unlucky or think may well be honduras that is the focus of this of course seasonally we expect some decent showers series southern brazil in uruguay are there still there but the sun's eyes and nice and warm when a series. lives busy lives traders live under the live their lives.
4:58 am
live their lives just ehrlich risking it all to destroy it when al-jazeera live and this is difficult not to say whether someone is going to pull some of this very thread but that's going to be a mainstream i think it's how you approach an individual and that's what it is a certain way of doing it to countries in a good story and fly out. now he's here in me because he is going to give one of their banking and kind of money i sill and afghanistan to some taliban fighters a new call to arms for taliban leaders a threat to their authority to help the soldiers seeing the also children as they offer that enabled subtle part of this love they were only loving but. unprecedented access i still am the taliban at this time on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the government of mali so market has pushed to have
4:59 am
a series of laws that it says will make argentina's economy more competitive with detailed coverage in two thousand and sixteen when the government stop subsidizing that's all the cost of college or jumped by sixty percent the queues disappear at least for a year from around the world the military and the establishment in the capital bangkok know that it's very difficult for them to win support in parts of thailand like this. for centuries egypt has soared to come on power over the miles even up we are harming any of them out of place a country they don't need for most of the day they get their water from rainfall boss upstream this dominance is being challenged by countries who want to agree to share i know some people who make your. own question then yes this circumstance is hard to change quite a struggle over the mild at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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where ever you. this is al-jazeera.


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